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Sep - Port City Virtual Tours

Updated: Apr 5

Sep Bastani left Iran and arrived in Canada ready for adventure and challenge.  While at Saint John High, Sep joined the IDEA Center in the fall of 2022, keen to start his own business.  After some soul searching, he combined his photography skills with his interest in real estate and started  

Port City Virtual Tours is an innovative company providing 3D virtual tours for a wide array of spaces including real estate, schools, offices, stores and much more.  3D tours are used by clients to give their customers a feel for their space without physically being there. Success wasn’t achieved overnight but Sep’s teacher, Mr. Van Beek, encouraged him to pursue his passions and never give up.  Sep developed an “unstoppable mindset”. At the IDEA Centre, Sep was able to achieve more than was possible in a traditional high school course.  His IDEA Centre journey also taught him to manage his money and finances.  He considers this one of the most important things he learned to help run a successful business.

Commitment and perseverance to his business idea earned Sep a Rideau Hall Foundation Ingenious Award for young innovators as well as a spot in Sheridan College’s Social Innovation Program. Along with a generous cash prize, he also received mentorship and a visit to the Sheridan campus in Toronto with other IDEA Centre students.  He attributes a lot of his success to the support and encouragement he received from the mentors and peers he met through the IDEA Centre.

Sep has gone onto university and while continuing his business.  His advice to future IDEA Centre students is to seize the opportunity to build a real business by doing what you love.  He wants future students to know that the IDEA Centre is about the experience and not about grades.

Thanks to Author Annie Roy for help with this post......


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