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The IDEA Centre is a high school co-op style program. Students earn 2 or 3 course credits upon successful completion. Students gather for 2 periods a day during the school semester, either in the morning or afternoon, with students from across the greater Saint John region. Part of the unique IDEA Centre experience is for students to work closely with like-minded students from various schools.   It is offered by New Brunswick's Anglophone South School District (ASD-S) in partnership with Kaleidoscope Social Impact and is located in uptown Saint John, New Brunswick.  

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The IDEA Centre offers courses in:

Introduction to Teaching and Education 
Accelerated Business & Entrepreneurship

Both courses focus on ensuring that students are actively engaged in what they learn and engage by doing and experiencing.  Both course focus on helping students determine what their interests and aspirations are and how to build a career path for their future.

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IDEA Centre Students Pursuing Their Passions

What to Expect

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Students learn a wide variety of skills geared towards to advancing themselves. The program strongly focuses on helping students determine what their interests and aspirations are and building a career path going forward.  The IDEA Centre helps students find the confidence they need to successfully head into the workforce, or further their education.  

Introduction to Teaching and Education students learn teaching skills at the IDEA Centre and look at various careers in teaching and how to become an educator.  They also do 5-6 short-term co-op style placement at local schools or organizations where they can choose to experience teaching at different schools with varying age levels. 

Accelerated Business and Entrepreneurship students explore their talents, passions and interests then works towards starting a business, working on an environmental or social project, or developing a skill or talent. They spend the semester developing their idea, researching it, validating it and learning key skills like marketing, personal finance management and public speaking. The IDEA Centre is located in a co-working environment so young people in the program regularly interact with business owners, community organizations and mentors.  There are often opportunities for students to attend conferences, seminars and events and learn how to navigate the business community.

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Lily Van Beek speaking at a Symposium

Who Can Attend

High School students in grades 10, 11 and 12 in NB's Anglophone South School District may apply to attend the IDEA Centre. Students will need to find time in their course schedule to attend the IDEA Centre for a 2 hour block each day.

* Students from Samuel de Champlain may also be eligible to attend.

         Hampton            Harbourview           Kennebecasis            Rothesay             Saint John            Simonds           St. Malachy's

       High School         High  School        Valley High School      High School         High School         High School         High School

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Who Should Attend

Success at the IDEA Centre is largely dependent on the student's mindset and willingness to embrace the experience.  Students should want to learn about themselves and be ready for new experiences in a new environment.  Individual's should be willing to:

  • Meet a wide variety of people

  • Work independently

  • Challenge themselves

  • Support classmates

  • Make the most out of the experience

  • Attend 

The Saint John IDEA Centre is located in Saint John's uptown core at 1 Germain Street.  Its' central location allows students to easily access  the uptown business community, mentors, community organizations which is key to student growth and learning.


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The IDEA Centre was created in ASD-S in 2017 to help students launch a business or a social project with assistance from business and community mentors, local organizations and government organizations as part of their school curriculum.  Partnerships with local community and business organizations in program delivery have been key to the program's success.

IDEA Centres now exist across the province.  Each IDEA Centre across the province offers programming specific to the needs of the area all with a focus of experiential learning.

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