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Ethan Z - FogWatch

Updated: Mar 19

What’s the business that you came up with during the IDEA Centre and where is it now? When I was at the IDEA Centre, I partnered up with another student named Ethan G and we started a business called Fog Watch. We had created a website that was custom made by Ethan G as well as a small weather station made from a raspberry Pi.

As of right now the business is on hold but there is talks in implementing the tech, we used into other businesses started here at the IDEA Centre.

What are you doing and working on nowadays? I’m currently a student at NBCC taking the Programmer-Analyst course (Computer Programming). I work part time for Brilliant Labs, and I am a co-director of a company called Smart Rink Technologies.

If a high school student contacted you now, in what ways do you think you could help them? I know the basics to coding and can help people find solutions to technological roadblocks their business may be having and If I can’t help you, I know people who can.

Favourite quote? “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.” – Will Smith.


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