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Ibra - 3Teen Apparel

Updated: Mar 19

What’s the business that you came up with during the IDEA Centre and where is it now? During my time at the IDEA Centre I started and managed an event planning business the specialized in creating drama free events for high school students. I also continued to manage my Apparel company. But no, I did not continue my business after I finished. I decided that I needed to focus on my Apparel company.

What are you doing and working on nowadays? Currently I am expanding my Apparel company while creating a separate company that provides custom clothing.

If a high school student contacted you now, in what ways do you think you could help them? I can help students that are looking for help in the clothing and custom Apparel sector as well as organizing events.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs that are just starting out? When you reach a problem you can’t resolve don't be afraid to ask for help.

Favourite quote? Failure will cripple an ordinary person but challenge an entrepreneur.

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Steven Larin
Steven Larin

The best way to get a custom suit is to choose the right tailor. Custom suits are often handmade and the beauty of the suit will wholly lie in the hands of the tailor. Therefore choosing the right tailor is very important for the suit as a good tailor will make a good suit.

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