Kiernan - Dynamic Melodies

What’s the business that you came up with during the IDEA centre and where is it now? Dynamic Melodies. It’s still in its current state really as I am busy and working on other projects.

What are you doing and working on nowadays? I’m working on constructing a small business for this summer. Also, I am trying to keep my other idea going that I am planning out.

If a high school student contacted you now, in what ways do you think you could help them? I could help them with knowledge, experience, I can maybe point them in the right direction or what to do for the next step, or construct ideas, or share opinions and thoughts.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs that are just starting out? Let your mind be your creation and think of something and make it a reality. Be super patient, and don’t give up no matter what even when it’s rough. There are always people to support you.

Favourite quote? You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t make.