Jenna - The Hideout

What’s the business that you came up with during the IDEA Centre and where is it now? I worked with Abbie on creating students’ events. We want to provide students with events through North, South, East and West Saint John. It will be an escape from school for them. They will be able to relax and unwind while creating new connections. Eventually we would like to make it a permanent location. Even thought the program is over, we are going to continue working on our business.

What are you doing and working on nowadays? We are working on and planning our first student event that will happen this summer.

If a high school student contacted you now, in what ways do you think you could help them? I would love to help in anyway I can! I could give some good advice!

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs that are just starting out? Stop doubting yourself if you have a good idea just go for it! As well don’t be afraid to ask as many questions that need to be asked.

Favourite quote? “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”