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Innovation is what you make it.  

What to Expect from the Program?

This IDEA Centre is a 2 course-credit program designed to be different than a traditional class so behaviours and expected outcomes achieved by each student are different as well.  Students interact with business owners, community organizations, mentors and industry experts in a variety of settings.  

Students come to IDEA Centre with a social enterprise or business idea in mind or they will be expected to come up with a project shortly after beginning the program. They will  spend the semester developing their idea, researching it, validating it and pitching it to others.  Students who choose to pursue their idea following the end of the school program will receive further mentoring and coaching through an alumni program.

In additional to traditional learning, students will be challenged to interact with adults in professional situations and be taught how to present themselves and their ideas. 

They will be fully engaged in the uptown business community and learn how to navigate the business world.

How You Can Help Your Child?

Students are typically very excited by their interactions with the new people they meet at the IDEA Centre and the new ideas they are introduced to.  They are taught to be open to new concepts and ways of thinking.  Simply listening to your child and supporting their enthusiasm is key to their success.

The program often requires students to step out of their comfort zone and pitch their ideas to people they aren't familiar with or interview mentors who may help them further their ideas.  Encourage them to embrace their discomfort and enjoy the process as much as they can.

Students often come home discussing their business or social enterprise ideas.  The skills they learn from pursuing these projects during the course will help them through the rest of their life in their future employment or as en entrepreneur.  They may even wish to pursue their idea and run their own business someday.

What's next?

Refer your child to apply to the program, either locally or online.

Apply to Saint John Program

Learn more about how the IDEA Centre benefits the youth, what to expect, and how to sign up.

Apply to the online Program

If you aren't able to access an IDEA Centre physically, you are welcome to the online program, available for all New Brunswickers.


If you have any questions regarding the program, we would love to clarify! 

Student Alumni.

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